Sunday, May 30, 2004

God Bless Norway

Looks like it could be another night of many posts - I have another IT assignment to do, and I'm not going very well.

Actually, that's not quite true. Considering that I only really started today, and I'm about three quarters of the way through, I think I'm going pretty damn well. Just think what I could have done if I'd started it two weeks ago!

I'd just like to say before we go any further: God Bless the Norwegian, one Norwegian in particular. This certain Norwegian helped me no end over greasy chicken and ice-cream at dinner tonight, and I will be eternally grateful. Without the blessed Norwegian, well, who knows where I'd be?

So yes, I've got a very stupid programming assigment to do (I don't think I would mind as much if the programs we have to write weren't so incredibly pointless. Make me write a program I can actually use and I might enjoy the course a tad more), but I'm going ok, and am planning to get out of here in the next hour or so. Hopefully I can be back at college in time to watch Love Actually...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no emails, no blog updates...not happy jan.