Thursday, May 20, 2004

They call me doctor worm...

Had a pretty crap day really, in the scheme of things. It wasn't that anything particularly bad happened, I just didn't feel well most of the day, got no work done, and... well, just generally bleurgh. But everything got better this evening - talked to a certain doctor worm (I have that song in my head for hours afterwards when I talk to her), then had a nap, then my mum called and we had a really long chat, which was tres cool. And then I proofread a friend's essay, because that's just the good person I am. I also like to rip people's work to shreds, but that's a whole other set of issues... :P

Replying to someone's comment sometime or other (sorry, it's kinda late and I'm not really thinking straight), I have no idea really how many people read this blog. I've only told three people the address, but it is public on the blogger site, which means that anyone can see when it's updated and can look at my profile and from there the blog. So who knows? Maybe I have an enormous readership of lurkers, who wait with baited breath everyday to see what new words of wisdom I come up with.

That, or it's just me, a girl at uni and a guy doing... well, who knows what he's up to (:P), who only keep on coming back because they're addicted to leaving witty comments.

One or the other...

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