Saturday, May 15, 2004

Wedding fever!

So yesterday was a good day.

Well kind of anyway. I got my politics essay back in the afternoon and wasn't particularly happy about what I got, but that's something to bitch about another day.

After dinner a group of us walked into civic and went to the pancake parlour, a ridiculously expensive but also a ridiculously delicious place that serves the best pancakes and banana splits anywhere. So we went there, then wandered around for a while trying to find a bottle-shop (we needed champagne), then walked back to uni in time for...

The wedding of the century!!

It was so exciting - I've been in a state of wedding fever all week, and my friends and I here were in a state very close to hysteria by the time 10.30pm rolled around. For some reason SBS started its coverage earlier than it said it was going to, but we didn't seem to miss anything. So from 10.30pm to 2.45am I sat in the common room of Burgmann College and watched a common girl from Hobart become the future queen of Denmark. *sigh* I'm a sucker for a royal wedding!

Some random observations:

  • Copenhagen looks like an incredibly beautiful city.

  • Those busses were very impressive, although I'm sure that some of the more major European royals resented having to catch a bus anywhere.

  • There were some absolutely hideous dresses. The winner? The wife of the Danish Prime Minister - what on earth was she thinking?!

  • Hardly anyone was wearing a tiara, in spite of being specifically asked to.

  • Frederik's brother, Joachim, is a good looking man. But did he have to talk all the time before the service began?

  • Every female in the room let out a spontaeous "Awwww!!!" and fell in love with Frederik all over again when he started to cry.

  • Mary looked stunning. There's no other word for it.

  • I'm sure the service would have been more interesting if it had been in English. As it was, it was about an hour of Danish, which I have to say is not one of the most lovely sounding languages on the planet.

  • Both of them looked terrified, but it's so obvious how in love they are (can I also say that royal weddings bring out the pathetic sap in me?)

  • I wish Mary's father had kept his legs together during the service. I shudder to think what Queen Margrethe could see up that kilt...

  • The gumleaves in the bouquet was a nice touch.

  • It was very surreal when the band outside the palace started to play Waltzing Matilda. Frederik seemed to think it was hilarious. Mary looked to shellshocked to notice.

  • They are an incredibly good looking couple and I'm sure they will have absolutely gorgeous children.

One criticism? Not enough kissing. Very disappointing really. Which is why I love this photo:

I was going to get up this morning and watch the highlights from the reception at 7.30am, but I was just too tired. But looking at photos like this, I really wish I had:

Ahhh.... true love. May our Mary live happily ever after!


Anonymous said...

I think Mary's a bit of alright.


Anonymous said...

You're incorrigible James.
Love Bron