Sunday, June 27, 2004

Woohoo! (again)

I'm finished! Finished, I tell you!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

I had my last exam on Thursday afternoon, and it went surprisingly well. Who knew that actually studying for an exam beforehand can actually help?! Revolutionary idea, I know...

On Friday I did the tourist thing, starting off at the National Museum and the wonderful exhibition 'Behind the Lines'. It was a collection of the best political cartoons from the last year, and they were all soooo good. I think my favourite was one of Phillip Ruddock handing these three children over to a nun. The children were tied up, with their lips sewn together, a la kids in detention centres. Phillip Ruddock is saying "Don't go spoiling them now!" Ooooohhhh....

I went with someone who hadn't been through the museum before (me, being the museum addict that I am, have been about three times already), so we spent a couple of hours wandering through. Highlight has to be the old Play School episodes that were playing in the children's play area.

After that I went on alone to the National Gallery, to see the John Glover exhibition. I missed this exhibition by one day when it was in Hobart, so it was really good to finally see it. And it was worth the wait, which was tops. Had a bit of a wander around but by this time I was absolutely stuffed, so I walked along to the National Library, had a quick look inside then sat in the cold for 15 minutes waiting for the bus.

After a 'lovely' (read inedible) dinner at college, a group of us walked into civic for coffee and cake at this really cool little cafe. I'm planning many trips back there in the future - they have a two page menu just on coffee and tea. Anyway, it was a very nice evening, to cap off a rather pleasant day.

But now it's Sunday and my room is packed and my taxi is ordered and all I need now is it to be 2.45pm so I can go to the airport and fly home! Yay, I'm going home!! I'm definitely ready for some serious sleeping action. And good food.... Mmmmm, home....

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