Monday, July 19, 2004

uni stuff

So yes, as can be seen by my last post, I'm back at college and uni, trying to get enthused about a semester of "Foundations of Software Engineering" and "Mathematical Modelling 2".

Actually, the maths doesn't seem like it will be too bad - I just had my first lecture and the lecturer seems quite good, and quite prepared to move slowly for all the poor IT students in the class who are very annoyed about having to do the stupid course.

I've signed up to my tutorials, just in time me thinks. I had a programming lecture at 10 this morning, and by 10.40 over half the sessions were full. Which is why I've signed up for my history tutorial *before* the first lecture - arts students can be really, really mean and determined when they want to be, and when sign-up is on a piece of paper on a board in the arts faculty instead of the much more accessible online version, you have to get in there quick!

I've also (almost) finished unpacking my room, after spending many hours packing it all up just 3 weeks ago. The complete futility of this exercise is mindnumbing.

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