Monday, August 23, 2004


Occasionally I drop by fandom wank because I love a good flame war as much as the next girl, and this site tells me where to go for the best of the best.

Today I stumbled upon a real corker with this post. Unfortunately the idiot author who wrote that poor excuse for English has deleted the story that started the whole thing, but you can read painful excerpts here, as well as the terribly entertaining enormous bitch-slap that followed.

On one level I feel sorry for the poor girl who wrote the crap. But then I read the story again, and any sympathy I had quickly evaporates. Anyone who does this to the english language deserves any and all bitch-slaps sent her way.

He looked at Ariel and handed her the sword. She looked at him the ran to A spot and picked up A large thin stick she took some ribbon from her hair and the string from A long amount of thin tough string she had once found and thought it pretty. She took the stick, twine, and the ribbon tied the string tightly to the sides of the stick making it arch with the ribbon. She handed the sword to her sister and nodded to her to hold it for her. She ran to Legolas’s side and took A arrow from him and started shooting as well. Ariel was very good at this and hit every Orc that she meant to. Legolas looked at her in wonder for she was almost as good as him except she needed A little practice and A real weapon and just not A stick and string. They took down about 50 of the Orc each and there was about 20 left as they reached A distance Legolas grabbed Ariel who was about to shoot another one and dragged her along to A place for her to run with the others. But she just ran back, this time she ran to Aragorn.

My eyes, they're burning!!!

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