Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bond. James Bond.

(I tried to post this thing 3 times last night... and 3 times Blogger ate it. Post damn it, post!)

This is a very cool overview of all those who are (according to various media hypes anyway) in the running to be the next James Bond. My favourites:

  • Clive Owen: He was born to be James Bond. He'd kick some serious bad-guy arse. You just have to look at him being all efficient and secret-agent like in The Bourne Identity to know that he can do spy stuff. And then watch the tv series Second Sight to know that he can, you know, act.
  • Jeremy Northam: Never would have been on my list until I saw Cypher, one of the greatest movies known to man. And he was a spy or whatever in Enigma (and damn good at it too).
  • Hugh Jackman: While I'm not completely convinced that he's got the right Bond look, I am convinced that he could pull it off if given the chance. The man's a legend. And Australian, which certainly helps...
  • Ioan Gruffudd: I haven't actually seen anything that he's in (not even Titanic) but everyone keeps on raving about him, so fair enough. He seems to look like James Bond too...
  • James Purefoy: The king person in A Knight's Tale, he seems to be dignified (read posh) enough to be a decent Bond. Not that I've ever seen anything else that he's been in. I seem to remember sitting through the first 30 minutes of Maybe Baby then turning it off because it was one of the poorest excuses for a film that my eyes had ever been subjected to. But hey, I'm sure he can rise above something like that.

And now, in no particular order, the people who should not, under any circumstances, be named as the next James Bond:

  • Eric Bana.
  • Robbie Williams.
  • Julian McMahon.
  • Orlando Bloom (particularly this one! He sucks! A lot!)
  • Jack Black

Of course, if Pierce Brosnan would just stop being a loser and stay on for, I don't know, forever, then we wouldn't have this dilemma, would we?


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Pierce Brosnan call...we love you Piercy!! My vote would probably be.....Jeremy Northam, definitely has the look.

In other news, my toes are cold.

ac2go said...


Anonymous said...

I agree on the peirce thing. Only him. Orlando being bond, now that would just be funny. If all else fails anyone particularly good looking will do.


Oh yeah I heard an austrialian lady yesterday in one of the cafes. I was like hey that sounds like maddy. I was tempeted to get her to say aluminium to see if she says it weird too but I held my self back.