Sunday, August 22, 2004


Troy would've been a really good movie if Orlando Bloom wasn't in it.

The man has two facial expressions... and he only brings out the second one on very special occasions. I watched Troy at the film group on Thursday, an audience that has no qualms about booing/hissing/laughing their heads off at ridiculous aspects of movies. On Thursday this meant that everytime pathetic little Orlando came on screen, the entire audience burst out into spontaneous laughter.

Thankfully the detrimental affect of his pathetic performance was countered by all the gratuitous Brad Pitt nudity.


Jimmy said...

I'm very impressed with all of this essay writing and 5/5ing maddy. I just realised I hadnt been on here for here I am.

There is something we need to discuss though Mads - 'Once more with feeling'. It was the death of the show! The complete destruction of everything that was true Buffy. It was just never the same after the Mayor ascended at the end of the third series...ahh, the good old days.

Also, how long did your parents (maddy and bron) hang around for on the first day of O week? I've been getting all of this 'Freshers Week' stuff through from the uni and one of the documents was this student-parent luncheon thing. When I said to mum there was no way in hell I was ever going to that, she got all offended. ??? Comments, suggestions?

Anonymous said...

James dear, everyone's parents come on the first day of O week, and believe me, you'll want them there for a while...everyone's parents will be there for a while and then you'll go off and have lots of fun.
Love wise and older Bron

Anonymous said...

PS. I see that you have been on the internet where's my email?