Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Back again back again

So yeah, back at uni. Probably should've mentioned that, but I'm so underwhelmed by the fact I guess I forgot.

I finally got to Canberra on Sunday, but without my luggage which was lost somewhere in-between. It turned up on Monday afternoon, but only after I'd scrounged shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste from everyone on my floor. Damn Qantas. Flying business class only just made up for the crapness of them losing my suitcase.

I had 5 or so hours in Sydney so instead of waiting around like a loser in the airport, I jetsetted myself (or something like that) into the city on the train to meet up with a friend. It was a tres cool interlude in the day: bit of a wander through the city, lunch at the Rocks, and then ice-cream next to the Opera House. Kick-arse!

I still haven't completely unpacked my room (damn college and its damn money-making schemes) but I'm starting to enjoy living in a pig-sty. There's a certain style to it that's hard to replicate: I'm just so hip that everyone thinks I'm an untidy slob.

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