Wednesday, September 08, 2004

observations of the species

Blogger, usually the ever-reliable blog hoster, has been a real shit all week. Stop eating my posts, godamnit!

Just finished my 'Foundations of Software Engineering' mid-semester exam. It was crap, I didn't know anything, blah blah blah.

What is really interesting was the people who were there.

IT students have a habit of not turning up to class. Case in point: there were 17 people in my maths lecture this morning, and I think at least 150 people do the course. Basically, they're lazy and they're arrogant. This combination means that not only can they not be bothered going to class, they think they don't have to because they're the King shit of programming etc.

Anyway, this reluctance to actually get your money's worth from your uni degree means that I very rarely see the people who are supposedly doing my course. So anytime there is some kind of event where we all get together like one big happy family, I make sure to have a look around.

The results of tonight's observations?

- The percentage of people wearing sneakers with jeans is far far higher in the IT department than it is in say the law or arts faculty. And I'm not talking about trendy, all white 'sneakers' that cost you $200 from some oh-so-trendy shoe boutique. I'm talking about the 5 year old, grey and fraying sneakers that you last wore to play soccer.

- There seems to be some fixation on leaving early amongst these people. This was a one hour exam, with 60 questions, ie. 1 minute = 1 question. So you had to work pretty fast. And yet there were people leaving after 20 minutes! I think they must have some kind of bet going - "Heh heh, heh heh. If I leave before you, then I get all of your magic cards!" "Yeah, well if I leave before you, then you have to give me all your porn with Britney Spears naked!" "Heh, naked." "Heh, porn" "Heh, let's go play dungeons and dragons"

- No offence guys, but have you ever heard of clearasil?!

- Yes guys, girls do study IT. Yes, we occasionally wear skirts. Yes, those are my legs. And, hey, can you look at my face, and not my chest when you're talking to me?!

- Is it too hard to remember that you might need a pen when you come to an exam?!?

- That tapping thing, that you do with your pen, against the desk? Not so cool. In fact, fucking annoying. Stop it.

- Yes, I use windows. No, I don't have firefox installed. No, I can't remember off the top of my head the keyboard commands to use the command line. Yes, I'm obviously a n00b of the worst kind, who doesn't really understand computers and who can't compete with the l33tness of you. The question you really need to ask is "Do I actually give a shit?" The answer: No.

Ok, well, now that I've got that off my chest... it's possible that I may have been storing some of those observations up for a while, in anticipation of a vent.

Apologies to any IT students reading this. I love you guys, I really do!

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