Thursday, September 30, 2004


Surprisingly good day really, considering that I had six hours of maths and software engineering. Was helped by the fact that I skipped my 9am maths lecture and slept in instead...

The warm weather has finally come! I actually cracked out a skirt today, which was very exciting. And thongs! I felt ridiculously summery and stuff. Which was good.

Maths tutorial was deadly boring, but then it usually is. Was saved by 2 of my IT friends (they're not all freaks) who had slept through their tute this morning and so decided to pop along to mine. We understood none of what was going on, but we had a good time anyway.

Software engineering lab this evening, which was surprisingly good. I got an assignment back that I did in August - 14 out of 15 baby! The only assignments that I'm likely not to fail this semester in this course are the ones that involve no coding whatsoever, like this one, a 500 word essay. Yes, 500 word essays do exist, and they are complained bitterly about by IT students. Get over it doofuses.

Of course to go with this good result there was the 29.5 out of 60 that I got for my mid-semester exam. Considering that I was expecting to get about 15 out of 60, I'm rather pleased with this half a mark off a pass. Almost 50% man! The lab ended with me practically running away from a guy in my class who seems to like walking me home. He scares me slightly, and anyway I was already meeting a friend from college.

So yeah, me and mr friend went into Civic and had proper food at this kick-arse little cafe that I will take all visitors to Canberra to. Then we went and supported the capitalist machine at Starbucks, which is always fun. Then it was back to college where I was swamped by people demanding to know where we had been all evening, and my room became full with various people who stopped by for a chat. It was all very nice and cool and stuff, and a pretty tops end to a pretty tops day.

So now I'm going to put on my lovely new pjs, get into bed and watch an episode of Stargate Atlantis. Because really, how else are you going to end a tops day?

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