Friday, September 03, 2004

"When I do becomes you can't."

I read this article at breakfast this morning, and promptly began to fume.

This couple has been together for 12 years. They live together, take holidays together... they've had a child together. But they can't get married.

Why? Because the Australian government doesn't seem to think that they deserve to.

What makes this couple, Sarah and Jacqueline, a 'threat to the institution of marriage'? When they got legally married in Canada, did the sky fall in? Did divorce rates soar? Did happily married heterosexual couples suddenly say "Oh my god, my marriage is now a sham - I feel so conflicted and worthless!"?

No. None of these things happened. Because if anything, gay marriage should strengthen the institution of marriage, but the simple fact that it allows anyone who is in love with another to show that commitment, not just a few.

I would urge you to vote Labor (the supposed voice of 'reason') in the next election to ensure that this ridiculous form of discrimination doesn't continue, but it won't help. Because it seems that Labor believes that gay marriage is as much a threat to this ephemeral 'institution' as the Liberal party does. So... vote Green instead. Or Democrat. Or write letters. Or vent at your friends - particularly the Liberal ones.

Or do like me. Fume silently over your breakfast, write a long rant on your blog, and then seriously consider moving to New Zealand, or Canada, or most of Europe... anywhere that is more tolerant than this country that I am becoming increasingly fed up with.

[end rant - I promise to be more coherent and in a more positive frame of mind next post. Unless the government does something stupid again. Which is very likely to happen... urgh!]

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Anonymous said...

I know, the Australian government enfuriates me. I think the Democrats and the Greens were the only sensible party in the whole process. Do you know, now they even are thinking of banning gay adoption, saying it's not a "nuclear family" and may bring "abnormal" qualities out in the child?