Sunday, October 31, 2004


I'm falling a bit behind with this whole blogger thing, aren't I? I had a quick peak at my recent posts, and I haven't been hitting my "post a day" target much lately. This must change!

But maybe after exams, when I have, you know, time to write witty and entertaining posts. Because until then, you can just expect crappy boring ones like these. Sorry!

I just watched the first part of the new 'Murder Room' mini-series. It's based on P.D. James' latest Adam Dalgleish book of the same name. I didn't actually like the book all that much - certainly not as good as some of her previous ones - but I'm all for watching tv versions of my favourite characters, and Adam Dalgleish would be in the top 3. It was fairly good, although it moved bloody slow in parts, and they've taken enormous liberties with the story, which I suppose is something you should expect with things like these. Anyway, over all pretty good, and it gives me something to procrastinate with next week when the second part is shown!

Ooh! This is exciting (although I can guarantee that no-one else will find it that way): in the Canberra Times this morning there was a long article on Josephine Tey, one of my all-time favourite mystery authors. This woman is criminally (haha! criminally! get it?) under-recognised these days, and it was great to read something giving her books the praise they so obviously deserve. Of course it's all but impossible to find her books in print these days (and the ACT library holds none of them), so promoting her to new readers in Canberra probably isn't going to be that successful. But you have to admire the attempt!

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