Sunday, October 17, 2004


Some random things that I encountered/noticed/whatevered today on my wander round town:

- Two shelf-stackers in the supermarket were having a full-blown argument about who worked the hardest. "Where the hell have you been? I do all your work!" "You so don't, I work 10 times as hard as you." "Yeah right, ya dickhead, if I wasn't here to pick up the slack you would've been fired months ago!" They were very loud and very entertaining.

- My feet will not fit into shoes. Period. I am destined to wear thongs the rest of summer because of my mutant feet.

- It is lucky then that I can get cool thongs from Target for $6.99. What a bargain!

- Another bargain: mugs at Target for $0.75 each. Yes, that's right, I paid $1.50 for two lovely mugs, one of which is now holding all my pens on my desk. I needed to buy new mugs because it's possible that I broke my 2 old ones. Yes, I'm a klutz. With mutant feet.

- Canberra on a Sunday is dead. I came across maybe 10 people total on my walk from college into civic. Then I entered the Canberra Centre, and realised where everyone was hiding. The place was packed! Anyone driving through Canberra on a Sunday afternoon could be mistaken for thinking that the entire town is on holiday at the beach if they didn't stop and go for a bit of a shop in the Canberra Centre.

- If you're going to claim that you serve the best coffee in the city, could you at least use decent sugar? I don't understand this fascination with white sugar in this country. It's called raw sugar people, raw. As in, unprocessed? As in, better?

- The coffee was very nice though, and the people-watching was even better. Although the American guy sitting behind me, shamelessly trying to impress his Australian date with outlandish travel stories, was a bit trying.

- I ran into my grade 9 Japanese teacher in Target. This was very very strange, and very very freaky. Apparently he's working here now, with his partner and child. This is also very strange if you knew the guy when I did. But he remembered me (last name and everything! I was very impressed with his memory) and we had a good old chat, which was nice.

- My back didn't trouble me at all, which was also nice. Usually after a few hours of walking around town I'm desperate to lie down, but not today. Perhaps it's finally better! Yippee!

- The Falun Gong protesters were back, as disturbing as ever.

- Does David Jones freak anyone else out? Maybe it's just because I was 'raised' on Myer, but I find DJs a little intimidating. There's all the mirrors, and the old scary shop assistants, and the gold, and the mirrors...

That's all I can remember for now. Pretty good day all round really, apart from the fire-alarm this morning. Some idiot blew up the microwave on our floor, so I had to get out of bed and do my fire warden thing. Apparently there was another alarm this afternoon, but luckily I was out. Damn people, setting fire to things! But yes, apart from the alarm, a good day. And what else can a person want, really?

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