Sunday, October 03, 2004


Ooooh! Can't believe I forgot this before.

Saw Wimbledon last night. Such a very very very good movie! Kirsten Dunst was great, Sam Neill was even better, and Paul Bettany... well, he rocked my world. Absolutely incredible. The movie's absolutely hilarious, and you simply don't breathe for the last 10 minutes or so because of the suspense.

Go and see it. Now. And then we can all rave about Paul Bettany together...

(on the way home from the movie our car got a flat tire, which was exciting. I held the torch while the tough manly men fixed it. I felt very useful.)

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Bronski said...

Are you joking!?

Wimbledon was CRAP!! The plot was basically a very unoriginal remake of every other working title movie ever made (foppish english boy meets confident American). Kirsten Dunst was average at best, Sam Neill wasn't nearly nasty enough, Paul Bettany looked like he went to the Hugh Grant school of acting....and lets face it, only Hugh can play Hugh because Hugh only ever plays Hugh.

The plot was shallow and unrealised, there were lose ends left hanig all over the place (ie. Who did the brother bet on in the end? Who is the mysterious Indian friend of said brother and why is he there?etc etc)
Granted, the tennis rallies were suspensful, but if i wanted to see some tennis I could have watched it on the telly, for free!