Sunday, November 07, 2004

No more Pierce

Pierce Brosnan has confirmed that he won't be returning for the fifth James Bond movie.

Noooo! This is not good, not good at all. Poor old Pierce:
"They invited me back, and they changed their minds half-way through negotiations. It's hard to find the truth," he said on BBC One's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

"If you get uptight it just does your head in so you've got to let it go."

So now the question returns to the all important who will say "Bond. James Bond" next?


Anonymous said...

What has the world come to?
Pierce Is James Bond, I wonder who they think will be better or who they will replace him with.

- Katie

Anonymous said...

Colin Farrel turned it down. Hahahaha see thats what you get.

Alina aka Katie said...

Gah! No more Pierce?! Somebody just pinch me! *Ow!* Didn't mean literally, you stupid muse...

Anyway, terribly sorry about that; I'm still in shock about that one. What will happen to the Bond movies? What will happen to my sanity? ("Sanity is overrated," my friend would say. "Oh, do shut up and stop snorting," I would respond, "it is unbecoming.")

Well, anyway, I suppose I shall have to find out the plot for the fifth Bond movie and just imagine what Pierce would do...unless they get someone really good to do it...

Dwight Winzer said...

Wishing you all the best!