Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Today's whine is brought to you by the letter...

Yes, it's been a while since an update, yada yada yada. My level of energy lately hasn't seemed to be quite up to the task of, you know, writing stuff.

Or something.

I have a maths exam tomorrow, which is always loads of fun. I also should have a history exam sometime this week, but I have no idea when. It was supposed to be last week on Friday, but my damn head decided that Thursday night/Friday morning would be a perfect time to assert its dominance and collapse in a heap with a migraine. So I spent most of Friday running around getting in an application for a special examination, when all I really wanted to do sleep for 37 hours.

So yeah, I haven't heard back about my application yet, so not only do I not know when my exam will be, I don't even know if I've been granted one.

And all my friends have finished exams, so they're all out doing cool fun stuff and I'm stuck inside studying (ok, contemplating study) and being pathetic.

Anyway, life pretty much sucks at the moment, so feel free to leave a nice comment to cheer me up. Or even a nasty comment. Any kind of comment at all?

Thank you for reading my pathetic complaints. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled program.


Bronski said...

Hey Maddy,
Poor you. Exams really do suck. But we'll have loads of fun this summer, trying to avoid Kate and what-not, should be tops. Just been to see Bridget Jones' Diary 2...twas pretty crap. But then, I wasn't expecting that much. Sequels are always crappy. Must do some study now. Am hopeless, pathetic, loser. Do some Damn Study Bron!!!!!

Jimmy said...

Maddy, I feel your pain. I know what you're going through. Its depressing isnt it? Things can only get better Mads...

And just quickly....I finished both my essays!! But I dont feel relieved or happy, I just feel guilty and rubbish because they were both 500 words under the limit and completely rubbbish.

Oh and Maddy, why are you complaining about whining? I bitch about stuff all the time on my blog (as you may have noticed)......it helps.