Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I downloaded Picasa 2 a few hours ago, and have been having a bit of a play. So far? Very very impressed. I'm an enormous fan of Hello, the program that not only publishes all my pictures to my blog, but hosts them too! Well Picasa is from the same company, and is designed to 'organise' your photos. I've reached a sort of 'critical mass' level with my photos: a point where I'm finding it a bit hard to find what I want, fast, because there's getting to be too many of the little buggers. With Picasa you can group, tag and caption photos, and the search function seems to be pretty good too.

There's also cool tools to make collages, 'gift CDs' (maybe I'll finally send you those photos you asked for a month ago, Matt!), and even movies that string together all the photos you want, complete with zany zoom effects! Just what I've always wanted, I hear you cry! Well, it's actually pretty cool. Maybe I'll post a few here in the next few hours...

So yeah, basically: Picasa is good. Go, download, enjoy.

(slightly off topic: I just realised how Google products pretty much dominate my life right now. I have a gmail account, and a gmail notifier running continuously. There's google desktop search, which also runs all the time, and my home page is Google Suggest. I use Blogger to for my blog, a company owned by Google. Picasa now organises my photos, and Hello publishes them for me - both are also owned by Google. It's googlemania at my place!)