Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Desperate Housewives

I hope you all watched Desperate Housewives last night! So good! Very... campy, and hilarious, and almost surreal in parts. It's what 'The Stepford Wives' could've been, if it hadn't been, well, crap.

All the good tv is finally starting again - Desperate Housewives on Monday, and Lost starts on Thursday. And The OC is back, but that's more of a guilty pleasure than, you know, a serious show to watch.

Gotta go, The West Wing is about to start - they keep on saying that it's the season finale, when they're clearly only about 7 episodes into the series. So they better not be screwing me round...


spy said...

About the West Wing. Channel Nine is sooooooo lying about season finale. I have seen the whole season and they have not finished!!!!!! BASTARDS!!!! (Too many exclamation points)

spy said...

And I forgot to say how FOXY CJ was in that episode. Are you thinking of adopting a baby? Oh, the hilarity!

Mads said...

Yeah, CJ rocks a whole lot in that scene. For those of you who were idiotic enough to miss it, here's what went down: (from the twop recap)

Carol shows C.J. a wire story from some guy named Gordon: "C.J. Cregg Touts Her Right To Adopt." Gordon's waiting outside C.J.'s office, and she strides over to him, saying, "Let's talk about your story, since you've stumbled onto...uh, we can do this on the record, if you like."

He sits down and pulls out his notepad as C.J. launches into confessional mode:
"At a certain point -- I don't know when, exactly -- the Press Secretary job just wasn't...fulfilling. Maybe it was...and then there was that spiritual vacuum, do you ever feel that in your job?"

Gordon: "Uh...."

C.J.: "First I thought it was Western materialism, then the mantra stopped working, and are you getting this down?"

He doesn't appear to be. She sits down near him saying, "Anyway, I already got the crib. I painted one room pink and the other one blue, 'cause I wanted to live with both -- they're such different sensibilities." Gordon tries to interrupt with a question about adoption laws.

C.J.: "That's the thing, I don't want to adopt. I'm looking for a donor." She gives him a sincere, slightly hopeful look.

Gordon: "A donor?"

C.J.: "Uh...close the door." He glances at the door and finally seems to grasp what she's getting at, and he's all "whoa, whoa, whoa."

C.J.: "Are you out of your pencil-ridden brain? This is the United States government. We've got a two-trillion-dollar budget. We're the largest creditor, the largest subcontractor, lifeblood of the global economy with a nuclear arsenal that could blow this planet into fifteen billion pieces! I shouldn't have to tie you to a chair and shove a spoon in your mouth to get you to write about it!"

Gordon: "So you don't have a crib?"

C.J. shouts, "Get out!" He vamooses. Yeah, you'd better run.

Classic, classic! We love you, CJ.