Sunday, February 06, 2005

SAG awards

So I’m sitting here in front of the tv watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and I just have to say: what the fuck?!

The Desperate Housewives awards, I can understand. A hit show, in its first year – it gets a few awards. Always happens (The West Wing won 11 in its first year). Bit of a pity that it beat Sex and the City in its final year, though. But some of the others?

For example: best performance by a female in a lead role in a television drama series. The winner? Jennifer Garner. Now my love for Alias will never die. It is strong and everlasting. But an acting award for Jennifer Garner? What exactly are you recognising, people?! Outstanding pouting? Best one-facial expression? It’s especially strange when you consider her fellow nominees. Edie Falco from The Sopranos: I never got into the show, but I think we can all acknowledge that the woman is a kick-arse actress. And of course there was the ever-wonderful Allison Janney. My love for Allison Janney could comprise an entirely separate entry, but sufficed to say she consistently puts in performances on The West Wing that leave people alternating between feeling breathless and shouting “You Rock, CJ!” at the screen. Don’t punish her just because the material’s been crap, people!

So yeah, Jennifer Garner so didn’t deserve a best actress award.

But the biggest travesty?

CSI winning for best ensemble cast in a drama series. I’m sorry, but giving an acting award to the cast of CSI is like… well it’s like giving an acting award to Jennifer Garner. Those people don’t act well. They get hair follicles out of carpet well, but try and get emotion out of their faces? Not so good. And once again, it’s particularly insulting when you consider their competition, the casts of: 24, The Sopranos, The West Wing and Without a Trace. Holy great casts, Batman! Craziness, sheer craziness.

Some highlights then, to balance out my disappointment: the cute kid from Finding Neverland was nominated by best supporting actor, and Jamie Foxx’s acceptance speech for best actor was hilarious (particularly loved the part when he got the entire audience to sing to him).

Bring on the Emmys, that’s all I can say. The Emmys I can understand!

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