Tuesday, March 22, 2005

O Canada!

I've just been reading some of the posts on the blog I kept when I was in Canada. I'm really glad now that I kept it up, even if I didn't update it as much as I wanted to. It's cool to look back and remember stuff such as discovering poutine, watching hockey and saying 'eh' for the first time.

Good times, good times. I think about Canada every day really - just random stuff (I repeatedly think about what a bad person I am for never writing emails to my lovely ex-host family, but that's another set of guilty thoughts!) like going under the Thousand Island Bridge at what felt like a million kilometres an hour in a tiny speedboat, or going 'garage sale-ing' with my host mother. I don't remember everything about my time over there fondly (especially the first month with the Evil Host Family), but the good memories still greatly outweigh the bad, and I'll always be grateful that I had the experience.

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Anonymous said...

I'd come and visit you maddy, you just have to get rid of those mutant huge spiders first.
- Katie