Thursday, April 07, 2005

Stuff in the life of me

Mmm, yeah, so almost a week since an update. Should probably do something about that, like have less work to do or something... :)

Things that have been occupying my brain since last week:
  • So yeah, Buffy season 7 sucked. A lot. And it's quite possible that the series finale was the worst season finale ever shown on television. I realise this is a big call, especially considering such shockers as the one for 'The Pretender' where all the main characters get blown up and you never find out who survives... but it's a call I'm willing to make. "What do we do now, Buffy?" I'll tell you what you do: you shove the idiotic, pathetic, whining Buffy into the crater where the Hellmouth once was, and go off and enjoy yourself without her.
  • How you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer has jumped the shark: you start liking Dawn more than Buffy. When Dawn becomes a sympathetic character, you know you've got problems.
  • The X Files rocks. I missed out on early X Files, because(1) it was on too late and I was too little to stay up, and (2) it was so damn scary for little me! But yeah, I've been watching a few episodes lately, and just... wow. Gethsemane has to be one of the greatest hours of television I have ever seen. That final scene - "Agent Mulder died late last night from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head" - my God. Now that is the way to make a finale, people.
  • Team America? Fuck yeah! That movie is damn funny (and disturbing, what with the whole puppet sex scene...)
  • You're right James, The Killers are mega cool.
  • I'm going to New Zealand in June! Two of my friends from college are coming with me after we got super cheap airfares through Zuji. I offered Bron the chance to come, but she cruelly didn't reply to my email... :)
  • I quite like the song 'Shelter from the Storm' by Bob Dylan.
  • Group work sucks balls.

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