Sunday, May 29, 2005

Who's in (to the world's most evil website)?

Ok, I'm going to say this once and get it over with: can we all agree that hi5 is the most annoying website on the internets? Every frikkin' day I get a bloody request to 'come join my network at hi5!', which always arrive at my hotmail account. Except that when I (stupidly) signed up to hi5 as a result of the first of the evil invitations, I used my gmail account, which means that all the hotmail invitations are pointless and useless and that if I want to add these people as a friend I have to invite them, because apparently the system can't handle the concept of people having more than one email account! Urgh. Once people actually 'get connected' on these things, do they ever actually use them for 'social networking'? Of course they don't. It's a pointless, stupid excuse for server space, and I dare anyone to continue to send me stupid invites. I officially announce the banishment of hi5 from my internets viewing.

And it's got the same name as a stupid children's group. So there.

Also: OMG VERONICA MARS ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!111!1!!!!one!!!!!


spy said...

Come on now Sugar! Bring it on, Bring it on now!

Bronski said...

What is this Veronica Mars thing...where is it on my network? Why oh why don't i too have the privilege of this obviously fantastic show?