Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Britons 'have £1bn in loose change'

I'm always saying that people should fund stuff with the change they find down the back of the couch. Well it appears that someone is finally taking me seriously: half the cost of the London Olympic Games could apparently be funded with the billion pounds that is down the back of the sofa.


Tang-ar-fric Bullshit said...

No wonder uni students are so poor, we dont have rooms big enough to have sofas....hence not being able to find money in the back of them. Man, im moving out... i could profit on it!!

Mads said...

The logic of your comment Candice is delightfully mind-boggling. (i.e. it makes no sense, but it's certainly amusing.)

Anonymous said...

On my way to take apart our sofa, although I think i'll have more luck in Britian.