Friday, August 26, 2005

Spring has sprung

No entertaining links or pretty pictures or hilarious lists today: just a boring old normal post about how bone-wearily tired I am and how incredibly thankful I am that it is Friday. I think it's plainly ridiculous that it's the end of week six here at uni: it feels like I was only home a few weeks ago, but no, half the bloody semester is gone and I still feel like I'm not really all that organised or prepared or anything.

It was an absolutely stunning day today: I can't think of any way in which the weather could have been better. Spring has definitely sprung, as my Mother would say, and it's so wonderful to be able to wear sandals outside (even if they did give me blisters today) and not millions of layers of clothes. There's a sprig of cherry blossom in a glass on my desk and more on the trees outside, and it's very hard to feel depressed or worried about all the work you have to do when everything is so very very lovely looking.


matthewonlocation said...

These are just gorgeous photos - consider them on my desktop

matthewonlocation said...

Shit, ignore that - I am ment to be posting on Sandros - crap!

Anyway, what I wanted to say that today was also beautiful up here in the northern river. But bloody hell I am glad it is friday - closer to a fresher beginning next week

spy said...

Yes, check out the pictures of the sprig of cherry blossom and wattle in a glass on my desk.

However, I have noticed that the wattle has started to shrink and shrivel... mmmm, this calls for a scientific experiment.

Anonymous said...

I hope my semester goes by as fast as your has, I'm starting my first week in two days... Later!
Katie Moss

Mads said...

Good luck, Katie!