Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Originally uploaded by madsta.
Stones I picked up on the beach in Napier. These stayed in my pocket for the rest of the trip, and I still have 3 sitting beside my bed to idly play with.

(I've been uploading photos to Flickr, in case you haven't noticed already!)


Nat!! said...

I love the stones.... Happy wednesday everyone....I HATE group assignments... I have found someone who has worse tense than me....(or should I said that I have find someone who having worse tense than me....) LOL!
In other news, I have a striking pain in my left foot... Hmmm this is bad.
And in good news, Famie is coming to my birthday party! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

I really hate group assignments too. I just find it so stupid and everyone else so annoying and the whole thing really pointless. Down with group work!

Nice stones Mads.

I'd love an email.

Love James

Tang-ar-fric Bullshit said...

stones....stones!...really people!!

Mads said...

Stones are great people - there will be no dissing of stones on this blog.

An email will be forthcoming James... I swear!

matthewonlocation said...

One: I want to point out this is an unusually large amount of comment for this sight - Hence I am jealous and will plug matthewonlocation.blogspot.com

Two: I have made these stones my current wallpaper on my computer. Very Since - Good work!

Three: Could you public a photo option for people who have widescreen?

Mads said...

I don't quite get what you mean when you say "Could you public a photo option for people who have widescreen?" Matt... you want a bigger version of the photo? If you're a flickr member (which you all should be - flickr rocks. A lot.) then the biggest you can download is 640x480: I do have a bigger version on my computer, but I always resize my photos before flickring them because I want to conserve my bandwith limit.

So yeah, if it was a bigger version you were asking for, email me and I'll email you back with ze requested photo!

matthewonlocation said...

Ok - here is a new idea - Proofing a post before publishing - I am going to blame my stupidity on CFS.

Firstly, I meant publish.

Secondly, I meant in a format for widescreen view i.e. 1280x800 etc.

I realise that limitation that burden flickr - but hey what can you do?

Mads said...

You can actually upload photos that big to flickr, but I'm just crazy stingy with my bandwith limit (of course if someone wanted to buy me a flickr pro account, I wouldn't have this problem!) I certainly will upload a bigger version of the photo, once I get some quota - damn SDA somehow stole 70mbs of it last night, so I have to wait until Monday!! Argh - a weekend with no net in my room!!!