Sunday, September 04, 2005

American Memory

At the moment I'm doing research for an essay on the impact that the telegraph had on American social thought (I'm all about the obscure topics, baby). Because of this, I have now found my new favourite website: American Memory, from the Library of Congress. The collections available are absolutely incredible: sheet music, periodicals, sound recordings, civil war photos... all, it would seem, completely accessible and searchable. There's some amazing stuff, but my favourite find of the afternoon has to be the sheet music for 'The telegraph quick step'. Very cool stuff, and a site at which I think I could waste vast amounts of time... all, of course, in the name of research.

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spy said...

It is such a good site. I love digitised collections of anything. The LOC is particularly good because it has the hugest most enormousest library ever! Their Aaron Copland collection, and their other music stuff is so good!!!!

Even the NLA has some great digitised stuff.