Thursday, September 15, 2005

Foggy disaster zone

Dear God my room is a disaster zone. I did laundry yesterday (yay for clean clothes!) but it didn't dry properly, so I had to hang it all up... and I haven't' really taken it all down yet, including the various bits of underwear draped from various pieces of furniture. Ah well...

I had a migraine this morning, but then had to go to a meeting thing with a history lecturer at 2 in a post-migraine fog. Let's just say I was probably not the most coherent student he's ever had in his office talking about an essay. But he was very nice about it all, and talked so I didn't have to put together rational thoughts on my own, and sent me home to bed with the statement that I'm doing fine and I shouldn't worry about the stupid essay. So that was good, if not really rather embarrassing.

(As you can tell, I really have nothing interesting to say today, and I've already linked to George Bush asking if he can have a toilet break. After that, there's nowhere to go really but down in the quality stakes...)


matthewonlocation said...

I hope you are OK Maddy! Did you use your medication - you know the strong one. If so, I am sure that your lecturer would have had a good chuckle - like I would have~!

Look after yourself, OK!

Mads said...

Didn't use the 'strong stuff', because I was in Civic when the damn thing 'hit' (sounds so dramatic!). But it was like I'd taken the stuff - completely losing my train of thought and breaking off mid-sentence etc. - I think 'Dougie' was a little freaked out!