Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Harry Potter

So, finished reading the new Harry Potter this morning (finally). Comments (ie. major spoilers ahead) in white text, because I tried to set up the blogger cut-tag kinda thing, but it was crap. So just highlight away if you've read the book, or if you really couldn't give a flying fuck and want to be spoiled.

First off: omg Dumbledore! I knew it was going to happen, because, well, it's the kind of internet rumour that's hard to avoid, but the way it was done was pretty darn shocking. I'm pretty ambivalent on the whole Snape thing: while I would like to think that he's not evil, the evidence is rather damning. I've read other people say that if he were truly evil, then he would have returned Harry's hexes etc. as they were escaping the castle, and just taken Harry to Voldemort... but I don't find that particularly convincing.

Secondly: way, waaaay too much teenage snogging. It just wouldn't stop! And when did Ginny become such a Mary Sue? She's grown a serious attitude, that girl. I don't mind her as a character; I just find her wonderfulness a little grating. I also wish JK Rowling would just get Ron and Hermione over with already: just do it!

Thirdly: the (implied) snogging I do approve of however is Remus and Tonks. Lupin has always been my favourite character in the books, and I can certainly see how he and Tonks could work. I thought it was done pretty shoddily in the book, just kind of tacked on at the end, but I'm glad that the plot line is there. Hopefully it'll be expanded in the next book, along with Lupin's role in general. Because he rocks.

Fourthly: It's so plainly obvious that R.A.B. is Sirius' brother Regulus. Isn't it?

Fifthly, and in conclusion: Miles and away better than the last one, but the woman still needs a good editor. Enormous swathes of Half Blood Prince could have been cut out: she might be good at creating an atmosphere, but it's often at the expense of a plot that doesn't start moving until the last 5 or so chapters. Number 7 is certainly going to be an interesting one, after what has been set up in number 6. Of course we'll probably be waiting another 4 years, so not much point in speculating now...

And this post seems to have turned into a rather embarrassing, screaming fangirl kind of thing. I swear I'm not writing Harry/Draco fanfiction, alright?


spy said...

What about reading fanfiction?

Preya said...

I just finished it too and I was so shocked and I feel stupid for feeling shocked because I should have known it was coming. Some people are saying he's not really dead but I think the white tomb and solemn send off kind of seals the deal...he can't just pop back in after all that, can he? Snape is definitely not evil...probably turns out to be related to Dumbledore or something! PS..I am not one of those fan types either, but what can I say, I do love the books.

Mads said...

I'm certainly not reading Harry/Draco, Sandro: that's too ridiculously fanciful and squick-worthy even for me.

And preya I agree, it doesn't look good for Dumbledore coming back. I read a particularly out-there theory earlier today that Snape did a fake spell of some kind, and that when Dumbledore fell off the tower he landed on the waiting back of the hippogriff, and a 'corpse double' was deposited on the ground. So yeah - waiting hippogriff and daring escape, or he's actually dead!