Wednesday, September 14, 2005

PD James

No-one reads my mystery-fiction rants on this thing, but I'm going to write one anyway because I'm excited, and well frankly my dear, I don't give a damn if you all find it boring!

I get a 'Crime City' email newsletter every month from Allen and Unwin. Usually I just skim most of it, although I have got a few free books out of it in the past. This time however, something caught my eye... the name PD James, one of my all-time favourite mystery writers, and one of the very few modern writers I actually read. Her series of books is wonderful, and in Adam Dalgliesh she created a truly original character. I must say I didn't enjoy the last book, Murder Rooms, as much as previous ones... but that didn't stop me squealing like an idiot when I read that the next in the series, 'The Lighthouse', is coming out next month! This makes me very excited, if only because Murder Rooms left us on an intolerable cliffhanger as to what exactly was going to happen with Dalgliesh's new romance. To say that I was rather eager to enter the competition to win a proof of the new book would be like saying Matt doesn't look ridiculous in this photo. It's plainly obvious that he does, and it's plainly obvious that I would be ridiculously overwhelmingly happy if I won.

So yeah, that's all really. Just very excited about new PD James!

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matthewonlocation said...

I am feelin' the excitement...very excited...At least I think!

Hey...I don't look ridiculous...I am strike that...I do look ridiculous.