Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sub Rosa

I occasionally use to bookmark stuff I want to look at later. This morning I came across this really cool looking series of radio interviews on Sherlock Holmes on Wisconsin Public Radio of all places, and wanted to make a note of the address so that I could listen to it with the wonders of free library wireless. Anyway, so I do the thing, and tag it with 'Holmes', then because I'm curious I looked at what other people had tagged with Holmes.

And I came across this. It's a story... but through telegrams. Old telegrams. From all kinds of exotic colonial locations. Even if you've never read the Sherlock Holmes stories, have no idea who 'MH' is (Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother), don't understand the context (set during the 'Hiatus')... you have to at least look at thing, because dude. There are telegrams. And the use of 'STOP' and 'QUERY' and... so very very cool and very beautiful.

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