Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I could out-CSS you any day

My coding skills are not particularly bad-arse. At all. I may have just completely redesigned the IR Society website (change the window size! Watch it scale!), but it wasn't a particularly taxing job, and I managed to get it to validate properly without much trouble at all.

No, what I find really challenging is changing the damn template for this blog. Partly, I think, because it's not code that I wrote myself from scratch, but mostly because there's a crazy number of styles going on and, well, I get confused. But today: success! For today I worked out why there was a cool dotted little line after the profile and previous posts section in the sidebar, but not after anything else. This is probably of nil interest to anyone else, but I just wanted to write a wee post about my finally conquering the tricky problem of that stupid dotted line. Now if only I could work out why half of border around the top title is darker than the other, I could die a contented woman...

(Feel free to submit your favourite quotes for my new attraction: 'TV Quote of the Week'! Yay!)

EDIT: I may have put a link to the W3C validation page up there, but please don't go and try to actually validate the IR website (because I know you were all just about to do that). I swear all the pages (bar the photo album: filename issues!) validate correctly as HTML 4.01 strict, but the stupid ad thing that geocities ads to all of its sites stuffs the whole thing up. Stupid geocities. I change my above statement: I can die a contented woman when the IR society gets a real webhost, one that doesn't add stupid advertisements to pages, advertisements that stop my lovely hand-coded pages from validating, and from displaying properly on my tiny laptop screen.

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crip said...

OMG - what's with all the red?