Saturday, October 08, 2005

Life Is Good

Sweet, sweet internet, I've been away from you for too long! I hadn't read my various feeds since about Thursday night, so it was all a bit out of control by the time I opened up bloglines this evening. But an hour later, and I think I might just have the bugger tamed. Or something. Anyway, here's some cool stuff that I've come across:
My parents are in Canberra this weekend, which is a Very Cool Thing. There was also new Veronica Mars to watch last night, and tomorrow I'm going to buy the new PD James novel with a gift voucher I got from the university. Life, this weekend, is Good.

1 comment:

matthewonlocation said...

I think the brooch is a little overprised even for ebay. Come on...(when I looked) over $100US. Come ON!!!!

Yeah for parent coming to Canberra...Yeah!

I love the T-Shirt...So cool...So hot right now. So very hot!