Friday, October 28, 2005

The light! Buuurrrrrnnning!!

Daylight saving starts this weekend in Victoria, NSW and the ACT, which apparently means that a lot of crazy people come out and start shouting for the whole idea to be abolished. The secretary of the 'Abolish Daylight Saving Committee' (creative name), for example, said in 2003 that her organisation was seeking legal advice: they wanted a national inquiry into the effects of daylight saving. As good old Judith says,
No man has the right to choose the time of the rising and setting of the sun, only God
Apparently Remembrance Day commemorations that now occur at 11am are a 'lie'. Uhuh. How do these people think that we got timezones in the first place? I did a bit of reading on this a few months ago when I was researching the telegraph, and it pretty much was a completely arbitrary decision as to what time each zone would be set to. If that's not an example of a man 'choosing the time of the rising of the sun', then I don't know what is.

More hilarious anti- daylight saving rhetoric can be found in this current article, where the current secretary-treasurer of the Abolish Daylight Saving Committee adds this gem to the 'debate':
The further west you go the darker it is when young children are being woken up in the mornings ready to catch buses and children further out west they're catching buses in the dark. Our poor little sweeties - it's most unfair and cruel to be doing this to children.
Stop hurting the poor little children! Just stop! Because apparently daylight saving can bring about all kinds of "health and social problems".

And because you can never have too much fun laughing at stuff like this (am I being too cruel?), I point you in the direction of the Light of Day website, which, swear to God, has a section entitled 'When a faded curtain is no joke'.

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matthewonlocation said...

Oh, Dear! I am just pleased these people are using their energies to something creative and *time* consuming!