Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sweet, sweet wireless

Oi, I'm tired. And doing no work! Yay! I'm in the library right now, should be working on my essay, but free sexy wireless proved too damned tempting. I was here for about 4 hours this afternoon before dinner, so I'm feeling just a little self-righteous about how much study I've already done today. That's what I'm telling myself anyway...

IR Ball was on Friday night. I you weren't there, you obviously suck. If you were there, then you know how hell good it was - IR Ball: Social Event of the Year man! Lots of fun was had by all, some a bit more than others (*cough*Sandro*cough*). All my photos turned out pretty hideous (there's a particularly awful one of me doing my patented 'Tina Turner as a t-rex' impression), but I'll look into fixing a few of them up and maybe putting them up here. 'cause, you know, I've got all this free time on my hands at the moment to do stuff like that! :P

What else has been happening... got a new job, that was exciting. Just a few hours a week, but any money I can get out of the uni is a good thing, they pay that well.

(Shit. I have this habit. Whenever I'm typing, at the end of every sentence I'll press CTRL+S to save the thing. Good habit when you're typing in word and don't want to lose everything you've done... bad habit when typing into the tiny blogger window, because apparently CTRL+S means 'publish the post! She's obviously finished writing it, so let's publish it straight awaaaaaayyy....!!!!' Or something like that. So I keep accidentally publishing and then having to edit the damn thing. Annoying.)

I guess I should whack some crazy zany links in here to keep everyone amused. So, here's some random McSweeney's stuff:

I read 'Dispatches from adjunct faculty at a large state university' a while ago - good stuff, particularly if you have anything remotely to do with a uni at the moment. You can find part 1 here and part 2 is over there.

Um, so yeah. This post was pretty much a pure, unadulterated procrastination device. Hope that's ok with you all...

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