Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy blogiversary!

So here's the thing. I have come down with a bad case of post-fright. It's like stage-fright, only on a blog. Because, you see, this is my 400th post on this blog, and I felt like I should do something spectacular and witty and meaningful to commemorate this incredibly important occasion, because we all know that my blog is the most important thing in my life, and possibly the most important thing in your lives as well.

So for the past month or so I've been trying to come up with an idea. I was planning to have it all ready for November 17, because then my 400th post would've corresponded with my second blogiversary. But I had exams, and I was busy...

And, well, I froze. Many times, I would be doing my thing, reading my feeds, and think, 'oh, I'll post about that', but then I would start to doubt myself, thinking, 'is that really worthy to be the 400th post?' and I would start to rock back and forth a la crazy person, and give up. Because really people, what is a worthy post to pay homage to 2 years and 400 posts worth of sheer, unadulterated genius?!

I mean, I could pay homage to the website that has provided much of this blog's content recently, and link to a McSweeney's List, like this list of the least reputable charities - "Feed the Children (to Other Children)". Or to the latest dispatches from adjunct faculty.

Then again, maybe I should point you in the direction of that website of wonderfulness, flickr. The photos on my favourites page are there for a reason, and there's always voyeuristic fun to be had with tags like whatsinmybag or mydesk. Or maybe I should post a picture of myself, or my feet (that could scare the children though...), or my cat. Because every self-respecting blog needs a cat photo.

But I've finally come to the conclusion that all this is fucking ridiculous, and I really should just get over it and post something, and get back to the regular business of providing procrastinatory material for myself and others. So, for my 400th post commemorative edition, I have decided to shamelessly put the onus on you, my enormous readership. Ask me a question, any question you want, and if I feel like answering it, I will. Otherwise, well, I'll just ignore it. This could be an enormous failure, because judging by my page stats, it's entirely possible that there is no-one reading this who would want to ask a question.

But hey, at least it means I don't have to do anything. And if there's something everyone should know about me, it's that I'm bloody lazy.

Happy blogiversary everyone, and start asking those questions!


Anonymous said...

Ok Mads, seeing as everyone in Australia is fast asleep I'll start the proceedings with the following question:

1. Where did we meet?


spy said...

I have a thirteen part question:
i)Why will you only answer questions if 'you feel like it?

ii) If you could be any kind of plant, which one would it be?

iii) If you could create an uber-lecturer, who would you combine? (does not necessarily need to be ANU lecturers)

iv) If you could cure any disease, which one would it be?

v) If you had the super-human power of super-fast reading, whose complete works would you read first?

vi) Which Australian state would you declare unliveable, so making all those residents move to another state, and which state would they have to move to?

vii) Who is your favourite Burgie principal of all time?

viii) If you could teleport anywhere, where would you teleport?

ix) If William Shatner AND Leonard Nimoy both hit on you, who would you choose?

x)In a fight between Patrick Stewart and Hugh Laurie, who would come out looking the hottest?

xi) What is the capital of the Congo?

xii) Have you been watching 'Speaking in Tongues' with John Safran and Bob Maguire?

xiii) How would you stage Peer Gynt?

Do you like my West Wing reference?? It is late, my whole body hurts, and I can't go to sleep. That is how I am feeling! In case anyone cares.

Nat!! said...

How hot is something before it is "so hot right now"?