Thursday, January 12, 2006

2005 in cities

Jason Kottke says it will be fun, and who am I to argue with Jason Kottke? So here we have my 2005 in cities - places in which I stayed one or more nights.

Launceston, Tasmania*
Melbourne, Victoria*
Canberra, ACT*
Christchurch, NZ
Nelson, NZ
Auckland, NZ
Naipier, NZ
Rotorua, NZ
Auckland, NZ
Hobart, Tasmania*
Pipers River, Tasmania

This list doesn't really show what a shit-load of flying I did last year, because I haven't put places down twice (places marked with a * were visited multiple times on non-consecutive days). All in all, I flew 25 separate times in 2005, which I think is actually a new record for me. It even beats the year I flew around Australia for 6 weeks, then travelled to Canada. It's the double flights back and forth to uni that really gets me now - I really think Qantas should start doing direct Launceston-Canberra flights just for me. I don't care that there's probably absolutely demand from anyone else for them; I've got 2 more years of this ridiculous travelling, and I'm getting sick of it!

EDIT: I've fixed the mistake that Chris pointed out - thanks Chris!


The Scientist said...

quite the impressive list!

is one of those napiers meant to be nelson though? (sorry to nitpick...)

my list is nowhere near so long: (similar thing with the asterisk)

Christchurch, NZ*
Palmerston North, NZ*
Wellington, NZ*

kinda dull really, but you can't expect too much from an honours year.. it kind of eats your time >_<

The Scientist said...

no worries :-)

Not getting one of the nicest places in NZ on your list would've been a travesty I couldn't let pass! Especially considering it pads out that list a bit ;-)

matthewonlocation said...

If I added to this would be just plain embarrassing. I have gone nowhere big enough to call a city. Does the Melbourne Airport count?