Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rock on the internets!

Some uber uber cool websites that I had to share.

First off, the Falling Sand Game, aka the site that has consumed my day. This is a warning made in all seriousness: this game will eat your life, it is that addictive. There's no actual point, but spend just a few minutes in its hypnotic embrace and you will be hooked. Especially when you either (a) start to set things on fire (plants burn really well!), or (b) start feeding the yellow 'namejuki' thing (which apparently means slug in Japanese) with water, or making it shrink with salt. Good times my friend, good times.

The second uber cool site is retrievr, the most incredible flickr-inspired site that has ever been, and will ever be, invented. It's a big call... but have a look at it and you'll agree that it's a call you're willing to make too. You draw a picture in the little box on the left... and retrievr returns all the flickr photos that look like your drawing. Now my drawing is crap, but I still managed to come up with some really close matches. For example: I draw a shockingly bad picture of a person with black hair... and I get several photos of people with black hair. So I change the colour of the hair in my drawing to bright red, and automagically I'm given a very cute photo of a girl in a red hat! This is awe-inspiring stuff my friends. If you are not seriously excited by this, then you are dead to me. Dead, because you are obviously one of the most boring people to ever walk this earth.

And finally, two blogs that may be of interest: Grey Matter, written by the writers of Grey's Anatomy; and The Nurse's Station, a fictional blog written by a fictional nurse at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital, which is where Grey's Anatomy is set. If that makes sense.

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