Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not quite right in the head

I got my first pair of glasses for headaches when I was seven: I say this as way of explaining that headaches and migraines have pretty much been a constant in my life since, well, forever. I don't want this to turn into some stupid 'oh woe is me' post, because woe is not me, and even if it was that kind of post is really annoying.

But today I just want to have a little mini-bitch about the most irritating part of having migraines, which is not actually the pain. The pain I can handle, with the help of lovely medication and, rather pathetically, a lot of experience. What really gives me the shits is the time I lose to the pain. The whole experience is do bloody exhausting and pointless, because I know that once one comes on, I can pretty much dismiss the idea of doing anything remotely productive for the rest of the day.

This bitch is brought on by the fact that I've had a few migraines in the past few weeks, which is less a cause for concern and more a pretty glaringly obvious symptom of how busy I've been, and how much work I still have to do in the next month or so. I had a headache today which thankfully didn't develop into a full-blown migraine, but which still took a chunk out of my day, which I resent. I know in the scheme of things I am extremely lucky if this is the only thing I have to complain about, but I guess I'm just feeling a little pissed-off and overworked and generally stressed out, and god-damn-it, it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to!

But. Here endeth the bitch, and to put everyone in a better mood after reading my stupid rantings, here is a very cute photo of a sleeping baby.


spy said...

Have to say... not the cutest baby. Actually freakin me out bit. *frikkin!!!*

Mads said...

How can you not think that baby's cute?!? With the smile, and the sleeping... you obviously have a heart of stone, Sandro.

matthewonlocation said...

Umm...Sandro...Sorry...Heart of Stone...But I do think the baby is smiling because it had just broken wind. A bit too content for my liking!

Bronski said...

That baby is not cute.