Friday, April 21, 2006

Timetabling madness!

For those who would be interested: the ANU draft examination timetable is up. My timetable is looking pretty stupid, with an exam on the 17th, 20th and 23rd of June... all in the last week of examinations. I always have an atrocious exam timetable, due in part I think to my strange double degree combination.

And for those of you who do not study at the wonderful institution at ANU, there's still things to entertain at the timetabling website, such as the random quotes that show up at the bottom of the page. Just keep on pressing refresh to see a truly bizarre collection of quotes.

Also quite amusing is the Aaargh! Reports - comments students have made on the draft timetable. My favourite so far has to be this: "Can you please change the timetable? I need to watch the World Cup." Certainly sir, we'll get right on that for you.


The Scientist said...

I still find it bizarre that you even get to petition for changes!

At Canterbury, once they set the timetable, that's it... You've just gotta live with it. And if you have exams at the same time: they lock you in a room for the WHOLE DAY so you can do both...

quotes are hilarious _b

Nysh said...

I agree, the whole process of getting a chance to complain is being really nice. With UCL (all the way in London) you can only complain to people taking the same courses, but otherwise you have no choice.

I haven't said thank you for the letter you sent me. it was amazingly sweet. Sorry I did not say anything, as life was just getting really bad. But I am really grateful, and thanks so much for being so nice, even though we have never met.

BTW, have moved blogs, but the response to your question is up on the old one.

Mads said...

I'm not sure making a complaint has ever, in the history of the university, actually led to a timetable change, but I guess it makes people feel better when they can vent!

Glad you got the email nysh, and that you didn't think it was strangely stalker-ish! New blog looks good - is there an RSS feed for this one?