Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"The restaurant for secretive New Yorkers"

I spent a couple of hours last week looking at issues of the New York Times on microfilm at the National Library. The exercise was almost completely futile - when you go to look at newspapers from one day in 1963, you usually assume that the film will be available. Imagine my shock then, when I discover it was already in use! Grrr.

Anyway, the trip did have one small reward: I found this ad on page 2 of the NYT for February 28 while I was scrolling through looking for something far less interesting. It was the beautiful border that caught my eye to begin with, until I read what it was for. Piracy! Character assassination! Espionage! It's wonderfully random on so many levels, it's difficult to know where to start. I've done a quick bit of research tonight to see if I can find out anything else about the place, but so far haven't come up with anything. You can see what the buildings look like now using the very cool 'Blockview' images at A9, but that's the best I can do for now. I am determined to find out more though - how cool would it be if this place was still open, and you can actually have dinner in a completely insulated and soundproofed room?!


The Scientist said...

I wonder if they let Ninja's in if there are already pirates dining... could lead to difficulties :-)

crip said...

there's a restaurant with a cellar in which the various (mafias? mafiosi? what's the proper plural) used to plot and apparently it was considered off limits by the various families - meant to be a great meal as well