Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday meme... on a Tuesday!

It's Tuesday, so that obviously means it's time for another Monday Madness meme! I love how I'm totally subverting authority by doing it on the wrong day...

1. How many cop shows can you name? Seriously? Because I watch a lot of tv, and read about it even more, so we could be here for a long time. How about just a random sample: The Bill, Miami Vice, CSI (all incarnations), Law and Order (all incarnations again), NYPD Blue, Heartbeat, Inspector Rex, Murder Call, Water Rats, X Files (it was about law enforcement!), Cold Case...

2. Do you send text messages? Yep.

3. If you could be on a gameshow (current or old), which one would you be on and why? When I was young there were two children's game shows on the ABC, called 'Big Square Eye' and 'Vidiot'. I can't seem to find much about them online now, but they were absolutely top stuff. So I would say those.

4. What are some of your favorite websites? Another question that could take me days to answer! So once again, a random sample: Bloglines has completely changed the way I look at stuff on the net. Lifehacker consistently rocks my world. American Memory is incredibly cool. Google Suggest is just plain useful. Flickr is one of the best tools for procrastination ever invented. I waste even more time at this sudoku site. Kottke.org is consistently the source of good linkage, particularly now that Boing Boing is consistently boring. Dooce, however, is never ever boring. And I'm going to stop now, because it's almost lunch time!

5. What are your favorite things about the internet? Over the last few years, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that the Internet (and computers in general) has literally become an extension of my memory. I know that sounds like a particularly wanky thing to say, but I think that the net has had a profound impact on how we actually view information. There's no longer a need to explicitly know everything we might need about a topic, because google can answer all our questions in a couple of seconds. I have actually found myself incredibly frustrated lately when reading books, because I can't search the text. So yeah, in a long-winded way, my favourite thing about the Internet is the sheer volume of information that is now readily available to me.

6. What about least favorite? That it is the killer-app of procrastination.

7. What are some good ways to deal with a pet loss? Um... this is a truly random question. Buy a new pet? I don't know, really. I'm sure there are some great websites out there that could help you out...

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