Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday meme!

I'm all about the procrastination right now (this exam period is never-ending!), so I'm taking Chris' lead and doing the Monday Madness meme... on a Tuesday. This week it's a 'fill in the blanks' kinda deal.

1. I have a picture of one of the walls at the National Museum on my computer desktop. Actually, it's this one in my flickr photostream.

2. There are quite a few pictures hanging on my living room walls. There's the one I got from the Montreal Jazz Festival, which I absolutely love, as well as a weird one from the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. I've got a giant map of the US, because for an American Studies student I have quite a lot of trouble remembering just where the states are. There's a huge Japanese print of waves on the wall behind me, and to my right are three beautiful paintings by the talented Matt. In front of me is my pin-board and various random items, including a reproduction of 'The Death of Sherlock Holmes' from the original Strand magazine edition (someone remind me once my exams are over to write about my recent Sherlock Holmes delivery - very exciting!). I've also got a sheet of hex-codes above my desk because I can never remember them, as well as copies of two photographs that I referenced for my American Sixties essay: this one, and this one.

3. My big goal for this week is to actually do enough study so I can pass my exam on Saturday, without going crazy and having a spectacular mental breakdown.

4. I plan to visit many many blogs this week, knowing my level of procrastination during exams.

5. The weather we're having right now is rather chilly! I was walking back from the computer labs last night at about 11.30pm, and already there was quite a bit of frost on the ground. Apparently it was still -5 degrees at 8am this morning, which is frankly ridiculous.

6. I really should study more often. ARGHHH I HATE EXAMS!

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The Scientist said...

so for an american studies/computer science student, the old memory really isn't going too well if you need a map and list of hex codes...? :-)


TICKLE TOM!!!!! (or Ian if you so desire)


I think I need to change my answer to the last question: I really should get out more often