Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New music

I have 1400-odd songs on my computer, but only listen to a tiny proportion of them on a regular basis. So last week I put my entire collection on shuffle, and have been slowly but steadily working through it, listening to all the music I have.

Where did some of this stuff come from!?! Most of the songs I can vaguely work out how I came to possess them, but others... for example, the song 'I found a reason' by Cat Power just came on. I'm fairly sure I've never heard of Cat Power before, and I've certainly never heard this song before (which is rather fabulous, by the way). I truly have absolutely no idea.

But I guess that's a good thing about doing this - discovering new music, right here on my computer! Now if I could only work out what the hell is wrong with my ipod, I could listen to this new fabulous music wherever I am...

(PS: As you may have been able to gather by the sharp increase in posting-frequency lately, I have some IT assignments that are due soon. Nothing brings on procrastinatory posting like IT assignments!)

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The Scientist said...

even though I do that all the time, I still am amazed by some of the crap I have in my music collection ><

With the ipod; have you tried to do the hardware reset/entire reformat

(to hardware reset, press middle button and menu simultaneously and hold them down; to do the reformat thing you need to use the ipod updater tools)