Thursday, September 21, 2006


Reasons why I am excited:
  • This week is almost over! Hooray! And from here on, it's all down-hill: the worst is over.
  • Matt sent me chocolate! In the mail! Number one guaranteed way to make me happy is to send me a package, but to make it a package of chocolate? Sheer genius.
  • 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits just started playing on my computer. Such a good song, and always makes me think of the West Wing episode Two Cathedrals, one of the greatest hours of television ever made.
  • While getting the link for that previous point, I discovered that the people behind the fabulous West Wing continuity guide and the House, M.D. guide are also putting together a Studio 60 guide! Hooray for excellent tv guides!
  • My physiotherapist has set me free - I don't have any more appointments lined up, so I'm getting there. When I went yesterday he kept on asking for local tips on what to see and do when he goes on holiday to Tasmania next week. Of course, he would always want me to answer just when he was prodding that particularly sensitive part just above my shoulder-blade... but he's a good physio, so I'll forgive him. I guess.
  • Did I mention that this week is almost over?!
Reasons I am not excited:
  • For some reason I didn't get paid this week. I want my $86.24, damnit!
  • Too. Much. Work. Bleurghgghghghhhh....
But I have a package of chocolate, so for some reason the whole world just looks a little bit brighter... :)

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