Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's a Tuesday, so that means...

Monday Madness!

1. Did you make any resolutions this year?
Not really; I vow to leave the country at least once in the next 12 months, but that's more out of desperation rather than a resolution kind of thing.

2. If so, which one do you think you'll really stick to? If not, is there something you're going to try harder to accomplish?
See above - if I don't leave the country, I'll be very upset!

3. Do you have a fear of any small rodents/insects/etc? If so, please share.
There are these beetles that practically infest my house in Tasmania over the summer months; we've always called them Christmas beetles, because that's when they start to appear, and a bit of googling seems to actually confirm that name (see here and here). These things are evil. They get in your hair, down your shirt, I've even had them crawl in my ear while I've been asleep. I don't fear these things as much as have a life-long vendetta against their very existence. Every few nights when I was at home I would go on a rampage with the fly spray against these little devils. Immensely satisfying.

4. Share something exciting that's going on in your life.
Not much of my life is all that exciting at the moment - just working 9 to 5, answering phones. I'm going to Wollongong on Friday for the long weekend to stay with a friend, which should be fun. Apart from that... maybe going to see a movie tonight? Honestly, I live an extremely boring and tame life; my main source of excitement is seeing what kind of crazy people catch my bus every night!

5. Did you wonder what happened to Monday Madness these past few weeks?
Only vaguely.

6. Do you have a favorite gameshow announcer?
Gameshow announcer?! Um, I saw Larry Emdur on Merrick and Rosso once, and he was absolutely hilarious. And very bitchy. I never actually liked The Price is Right much, but Larry's ok in my book.

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