Thursday, May 20, 2004

it would take a lot to convince me...

I know I've been talking about my gmail account a lot lately (both on here, in emails, and well, all the time really), but this website is just too cool to ignore.

Basically people write in with what they would swap in order to get their own gmail account, because at the moment only a "handful of lucky ducks" have them (yippee for me! Ok, I'll stop now.) So if the mood took me, and if someone wanted my address in particular, I could get any one of the following:

  • a tour of Tokyo

  • a kindly intellectual's plea

  • a hookah from Cairo

  • the services of a fire-spinner, didgeridoo-player, and a photographer

  • an introduction to tiddly-winks from the #1-ranked high-school player in the world

  • become the godparent of someone's next child

  • an authentic bible signed by Jesus

  • a mutated, laser-mounted sea bass

  • a human kidney (shipping not included)

  • Cantonese language lessons

  • a Brazillian student in desparate need

  • honor

And my absolute favourite:

  • one human soul

Someone is willing to give me their soul in exchange for my gmail account. How loved do I feel right now? :P

For more wonderful things I could possibly get:

PS I'm pretty sure that none of these things would inspire me to give up my lovely, shiny gmail address. Except maybe a Brazillian student in desparate need: that one intrigues me.


Anonymous said...

Well I wouldn't give anything for your stupid gmail account. Pfft. Who needs all that space! Ok I do.....but, but...I'm not going to grovel and beg for it! Some people just have no self respect.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think more comments are needed, so I can procrastinate more...well come on!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you forgot: I hate my job.