Sunday, May 23, 2004

I've fallen over and I can't get up!

Mmmm, so it's been a pretty jam-packed last few days. Movies on Friday, college stuff on Saturday, and today... well, I've actually done absolutely nothing today, but that's only because I'm an old, old woman and apparently my old, old back can't stand dancing for a few hours.

I hurt.

A lot.

Actually, I am feeling a lot better, but that's only because I've been lying on flat on my back practically all day, doing absolutely nothing at all, except reading wonderful Harry Potter fanfiction (I'd give you the link, but (1) I can't be bothered, and (2) the probability of anyone using it is extremely low). I'm really getting exceedingly sick of this thing with my back - I think it's getting better (which it really should be: I hurt it in January for christ's sake!), and then I go and do something vaguely physical (ie. dancing, walking...) and I'm laid out for a day, shuffling around like an 80 year-old woman who has just had her hips replaced.

*sigh* Might as well just put me down now...

Saturday was tres good, although I ended up looking after a few too many drunk friends than I thought was completely necessary. Particularly considering I wasn't entirely sober myself. :P But I had a good dance, had some good laughs, and saw a side to some people that was completely unexpected!

I had so much work to do today, but I've used the "I'm a crippled, old woman" line and done absolutely nothing instead. Just let's not talk about the fact that I was using my computer all day in bed (I love my laptop!) to read fanfic, when I could have very easily been using my computer in bed to write my two IT assignments.

*sigh* My procrastination is very slowly killing me.

(On another note - I warn a certain girl that if she wants to see a blog updated more regularly, she could very easily create HER OWN BLOODY BLOG and update it AS MUCH AS SHE BLOODY WELL WANTS!!! That is all. :P )


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Anonymous said...

Just in reply to a previous comment; yes I do check this blog every half an hour, except that its a bit pointless seeing as you're both in bed. But I do check every morning and night! So thats good enough. And, my internet fucked up and wasnt refreshing the page so I just got a whole new load of Maddy-comments then. Very exciting.

And now for an observation. Do you find that when you talk to Bron on MSN, she takes about a 100 freaking years to reply?


Anonymous said...

And Mads, I'd like to see this updated more regularly too please.

Anonymous said...

Maddy, have you seen the Karate Kid III? I want a wise Japanese mentor to teach me Karate and be all wise and stuff. Know where I can find one? But the point to this comment was, that, Cypher is crap and you really ought to see TKKIII before you run around making rash comments like that.