Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Ok, so maybe I am feeling inclined post, but only because I don't want to do any work.

So, here are some random thoughts to entertain you all:
  • My back is feeling much better, although it's still not 100%. I'm really getting quite pissed off with it: surely I should be able to walk without feeling like I'm bloody well 85 years old!

  • It's raining! Yay! I woke up to the sound of raindrops on the trees outside my window, which was very cool. We haven't had rain here for about 3 months, so rain is a very good thing right now.

  • I just want everyone to know that I have to do the code for these bullets by hand. Yes, that's right, I'm an HTML God. Or not. But I'm still rather proud of these bullets.

  • I have never seen The Karate Kid III, let alone The Karate Kid I or II. And I don't think I'll be rushing out to a video store to rectify the situation.

  • Cypher is a kickarse movie and anyone who says otherwise is a doofus.

  • You know the first line of the song "London Still"? Where she says "Wonder if you can pick up my accent on the phone"? Is that the strongest Aussie accent ever to be heard in a song? I think it's entirely possible, and I think it's very, very probable that the person that she's talking to on the phone can definitely hear her accent over the phone. Not, however, the English one that she thinks she has picked up, but the broad Aussie one that sounds so ridiculous.

  • Don't know where the above rant came from - the song's playing on my CD player right now, and that first line always pissed me off. Although if I was ever missing Australian accents when I was in Canada, I would always just whack on that song and everything would be ok.

  • Now the extended Star Trek: Voyager theme is playing. I have a strange music collection.

  • I have been reading far too much Harry Potter fanfiction the last few days. But it's such good fanfiction! I've been reading this epic romance thing between Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. I swear, it's not as strange as it sounds...

  • I have fresh flowers on my desk, something that I'm liking a lot. They were given to me by a certain someone who was very appreciative of how I looked after him on Saturday night after he'd had a little too much to drink.

  • I think I'm going to buy flowers for my room on a regular basis, although first I should probably buy a proper vase. Right now I've got the flowers in my HP drink bottle, which is wrapped in a bit of silver paper, a rubber-band and some tissue paper.

  • This rain means that I'm not feeling very enthusiastic about going to my politics lecture. But then, I'm never very enthusiastic about going to any of my classes...

  • I really need to do laundry. It's possible that I have absolutely nothing to wear tomorrow.

  • I have two assignments due on Friday, and I've only barely started one of them. *sigh* The life of a lazy bum.

  • All of my friends should get their own blogs. Right now.

  • The mountains that I can usually see out of my window have completely disappeared under a layer of mist.

  • Did you know that the song "I will always love you" from The Bodyguard was written by Dolly Parton? Bet you didn't.

  • I went into town yesterday to get some stuff, and was once again flirted outrageously with by the guy at Priceline. It's not the fact that he flirts that pisses me off, it's the fact that he (1) does it so badly, and (2) he does it with every female in the store. Including the 85 year old ones. Oh, and also the fact that he's really ugly and very slimy.

  • I have a choice tonight between seeing Love Actually at the film group or watching Alias. This is a very difficult choice for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, so that's probably enough completely random thoughts for now, mostly because I can't think of anymore, and because I should probably do some work.

Or just read some more Harry Potter fanfic...


Anonymous said...

How is your poor back my darling. I do hope you are alright. I'd just like to point out that I actually was concerned about it, and I actually said I like Cypher...so I'm in the clear...its all on you jimmy...haha sucked in. Yeh, so, ahhh, I have a stupid essay about the stupid hungry people in Bangladesh....who cares. Pfft.
Love Bron

Anonymous said...

I would also like to say that I take great offence at the insinuation that I take "like 100 freaking years" to reply on msn....it is simply not true. And even if it was, it is equally as true for you too James....so wah.