Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I just looked at my post earlier in the day - why on earth would people read all that crap that I write?! I mean, that was one bloody long post of absolutely nothing.

I'm just about to go watch Alias, but I thought I'd just lay down a quick post while I was checking my email. Got a bit of work done tonight, but nowhere near enough. But I refuse to give up Alias for the sake of work - a girl has to get her priorities right!

I just discovered that it is very hard to sing 'Thank you' by Dido with a blocked nose.

I had pizza tonight. It was very good and I am feeling very satisfied and very fat. And I did washing, and Alias is on, so I suppose all round tonight isn't such a bad night after all.

Except of course that Bron isn't answering my msn message... :P

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